AIO CracK AnD HackinG ( E Re )
AIO Crack and Hacking

a- Crack Searching Programms:

1- Craagle v1.91

2- CrackDownloader Plus v2.2 (released 10/07/2005)

3- Serials3k

4- Crack Searcher

5- Crack Buster v1.3

6- Galaxy search

7- Crack Wizard

b- Shareware Hacking Programs:

1- Never Expire v2.0

2- Trial Doctor v1.3.1

3- Trial Reset v2.5

4- MicroBest CrackLock v3.8.4

5- Date Cracker 2000

6- Date Facker 32

7- Date Hacking v1.2

c- AIO eBook bonus:

Beginner Olly Cracking Tutorials

[9 detailed step-by-step tutorials]

By: Gabri3l, Shub-Nigurrath, MaDMAn_H3rCuL3s / ARTeam

Beginner tutorial 1: Serial fishing

Beginner tutorial 2: Internal Keygen and Patching

Beginner tutorial 3: Unpacking and Patching

Beginner tutorial 4: unpacking and patching, a more complex case v.1.1

Beginner Tutorial 5: Inline Patching

Beginner Tutorial 6: Packers theory v1.1

Beginner Tutorial 7: Cracking using Memory BP's

Beginner Tutorial 8: Breakpoints Theory v1.2

Beginner Tutorial 9: Defeating Magic Byte Protection


- Despite the debate, shareware Hacking programs are useful and do work in a several situations ...

- Press tutorial number to read in your browser


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