CrackersKit 1.1!

CrackersKit 1.1
CrackersKit 2.0
CrackersKit 2005
DarkCode CrackersKit

CrackersKit 1.1

Analysis :
OllyDbg 1.10
W32Dasm 8.93 /w patch
PEiD 0.92

Rebuilding :
ImpRec 1.6
Revirgin 1.3
LordPE RoyalITS

Packers :
FSG 2.0
MEW 11 1.2 SE
UPX 1.25

Patchers :
dUP 1.11
CodeFusion 3.0
Universal Patcher Pro 2.0
aPatch 1.07 (*Nuevo)
PMaker (*Nuevo)
Tola's Patch Engine 2.03b (*Nuevo)
ABEL Loader 2.31 (*Nuevo)

HEX Editor :
BView 5.6.2

Decompilers :
DeDe 3.50.04

Unpackers :
Alot! ( ASProtect, ACProtect etc )

Varios :

RSATool 2
d*mn HashCalc
Krugers ToolBox 
EVACleaner 2.7 (*Nuevo)
Process Explorer (*Nuevo)
Resource Hacker (*Nuevo)
PUPE 2002 (*Nuevo)

Hacker Toolbox consists of the latest hacking tools. A profusion of hacking, cracking, phreaking tools & files will familiarize you with how hackers break into your machine and steal your information. You can also learn hacking techniques from a good collection of source codes for virus and tools, instructional documentation, tutorials and much more. You can act like a master hacker to customize your own program with the editors and executable file tools. Categories: Backdoor, Crack tool, Disassembler, DoS tool, Document, E-mail tool, Editor, Encryption & decryption tool, Executable file tool, Icq tool, Keylogger, MISC, Packet forging, Phreak tool, Scanner, Sniffer, Snoop tool, Source code, Spoof, Virus.

Golden eye 2005
HellLabs Proxy Checker v7.4.18
HostScan v1.6.5.531
Invisible Browsing v4.0
IPScanner v1.86
Ascii Factory 0.6
Cool Beans NFO Creator v2.0.1.3
Dizzy v1.10
Feuer's NFO File Maker v2.0
Ims NFO&DIZ Maker 1.87
Inserter v1.12
NFO Creator v3.5.2
NFO Maker 1.0
Patchs All In One 2005
SoftIce 4.05 -Win 2000-XP
IP Address Scanner
IP Calculator
IP Converter
Port Listener
Port Scanner April 2005
NetStat 2005
Cool Trace Route 2005
TCP/IP Configuration
Online - Offline Checker
Resolve Host & IP
Time Sync
Whois & MX Lookup
Connection Analysator and prtotector
Net Sender April 2005
E-mail seeker
Cool Net Pager
Active and Passive port scanner
Hack Trapper vendi ku i gjeni te gjithaaa!!!
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