Portable Google Earth 4.2 + Sky
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Portable Google Earth 4.2 + Sky

Explore the Sky
Switch your view to see the sky above your Earth location, and explore far-away galaxies, nebulae, and more. Zoom in to see imagery from the Hubble Space Telescope, learn about the lifecycle of a star, or even view the constellations. After all, the Earth doesn't sit in a vacuum... that would be an awful waste of space.


High-resolution photos, and more
When 3D terrain and buildings aren't enough, check out the new high-resolution photos. They line up with the terrain, so you can see the real deal superimposed on our 3D imagery. You can find the high-resolution photos in the Layers menu, along with new content such as traffic.

Create and Share Geographic Information
Millions of Google Earth users add and share geographic information every day using .KML, the Google Earth file format. In Google Earth 4 we’ve expanded that capability. Now you can view travel photos, hiking trails uploaded from your GPS, overlays of your own imagery, or large geographic data sets. You can even time-stamp the data to create animations of how the world changes over time. Explore Google Earth Showcase for some popular examples.

Explore rich 3D content
Seeing 3D terrain and buildings is one of the coolest features of Google Earth. We’ve added higher-quality terrain data for many mountainous regions, as well as support for "textured" 3D buildings - meaning bricks look like real bricks, glass looks like real glass, and overall, the world looks more like the real world. It's just one more step on the path of creating a life-like 3D model of the whole planet.


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